Welborne’s Church Council gathered for a retreat January 29 and 30. The focus of their time together was on what it means to be a disciple and how disciples are formed at Welborne.  They looked at 7 different areas of spiritual practices for disciples: prayer, scriptural meditation, personal witness, financial generosity, small group community, corporate worship, and gifts-based service.  They began to make plans for how Welborne can strengthen the ways that the Holy Spirit is actively working in each of our lives in these seven areas.

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2016 Church Council members are:

Chairperson                    Bill Davidge

Lay Leader                      Carol Chase

Secretary                         Amory Holloway

Church Treasurer          Phil Jones

Lay Member to Annual Conference                        Doris Bland

Chairperson, Congregational Care Ministries      Bert Asby

Chairperson, Nurture Ministries                                 Ann Hobson

Chairperson, Outreach Ministries                               Katie St. Germain

Chairperson, Witness Ministries                                 Robin Rooks

Chairperson, Worship Ministries                                Unfilled

Chairperson, Staff Parish Relations Committee          John Scott

Chairperson, Committee on Finance                           Scott Locklear

Chairperson, Board of Trustees                                  Tilghman Howell

President, United Methodist Women                          Jean Martin

President, United Methodist Men                               Fred Facka

Youth Member                                                          Lily Chapman

Ex Officio: Beth Givens, Sheila Ray, Misti Kai Gwynne, Joy Crawford