As we celebrate our second anniversary of an expanded pantry on June 4, 2016, we thought we’d share some of the good news of the pantry.

Did YOU know……..

…That the Welborne Food Pantry serves 40 to 50 families per week? Most are from the west end of Richmond!

… Food insecurity is a huge problem, even among those who have jobs? Rent takes up the majority of a monthly budget. Then figure in medicine, gas, and car repair.

…. No Henrico school offers free or reduced lunches during the summer? So we need extra kid-friendly food in summer!

…. It is not possible to buy soap, toothpaste, or toilet paper with SNAP  (ie food stamps)? We give out about 85 rolls of TP a week.

… Many pantry guests have dietary restrictions or food allergies, just like your own family? That is why we ask for specific items like fruit in lite syrup or juice, low sodium veggies, or healthy cereal!

… We have learned that the cheapest place to shop for the best quality food is Aldi and Walmart? We save money there and so can you!

… We have help from other churches and community groups? Thank you St Andrews UMC, Derbyshire Baptist, St Jude’s Anglican, Gayton Baptist Church, Gayton Road Christian Church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Y Indian Guides, YMCA camp and many individuals who just want to help! We couldn’t do it alone!

… We have to throw away expired cans of donated food. We positively hate to throw out food!

… We ask for cans of spaghetti sauce rather than jars. Because we dropped one once – what a mess we had: glass and sauce all over the place!

… We need about 15 volunteers per week! Our hands-on volunteers are the world’s BEST!

… We love building relationships with our guests. It isn’t just about the food! We have made friends all over town by opening Welborne’s doors!

Come see what we are about. Come by any Monday from 5 – 6:30 or Thursdays from 9:30 – 11:30