At their October meeting, Welborne’s Church Council approved the relocation of the Food Pantry to the current library.  The proposal came from the Board of Trustees, who have been working on a Space Use Audit of Welborne’s interior space, which was one recommendation from the February 2015 Strategic Plan.

Why Relocation?

The pantry is one of our foundational ministries, on track to serve over 2,000 families (over 6,000) individuals this year.  Current space requires several hours a week of set up and break down.  A move to a dedicated space would make volunteer hours significantly more efficient.

Why the Library?

Spaces were evaluated beginning in the fall of 2015.  The Library keeps the pantry in proximity to the kitchen and the church office.  The Library has also been declining in use as a Library.  Plans for the space should still enable it’s use as a meeting room, with different furnishings.

What Changes Will Happen?

  • A door will be cut from the existing Library into Nave Hall, for safety and security.  The labor will be provided by church members, and the funds for the new door will be provided through the Capital Campaign.  One funding goal for the Capital Campaign was a community garden for the pantry, and shifting some of that money to this pantry need has been approved.
  • Shelving will be added and adapted in the existing Library.
  • Existing contents of the Library will be relocated or released to another owner.


We hope to make this transition between November and January.

If you have questions, please contact Bill Davidge (Council Chair), Carol Chase (Lay Leader), Tilghman Howell (Trustees Chair), or Pastor Beth.