Capital Campaign Logo- Reduced PDF

On Sunday, March 15th, we announced an exciting capital funds campaign focused on realizing some of the objectives of the Strategic Plan released last month. Successfully achieving the fundraising goal of $200,000 for the Fulfilling the Dream campaign will allow us to realize some of the dreams held by those who built this facility over 50 years ago.

On Sunday, May 17, we announced that commitments to the Fulfilling the Dream capital campaign have exceeded our goal, standing at $201,256.  That week, payments of $48,407 against our indebtedness were initiated by the finance committee from early campaign gifts.  We celebrate the ways this campaign will allow us to continue to be faithful to God’s call on the life of this congregation.

The three primary goals for this campaign are
1. Expand our food bank ministry which has experienced explosive growth since June 2014, growth that is clearly the work of the Holy Spirit. There are currently plans to explore building a community garden, constructing a small greenhouse, and doing health and wellness education for our clients, who are members of our community ($10,000).
2. Upgrade facilities to make them more welcoming by (1)sharing our message more broadly and effectively with the community through the installation of new signage, which can more effectively communicate current messages about our ministries; and, (2) upgrading existing facilities in Nave Hall which are in need of a face-lift, primarily the bathrooms and/or kitchen ($30,000).
3. Pay off our debt for the first time in the church’s 60 year history. Our debt load, which is for construction or renovations done long ago, is a drain on our operating finances. Paying off this debt will free up more money for ministry and for meeting current operating expenses, which has been very difficult to accomplish in recent years ($160,000).

We were excited to begin the campaign with leadership commitments of $73,900. We hope that the entire Welborne community is praying about how much we can give to this effort, over and above gifts to our operating budget. If each of our regular giving units looked at what they typically give in a year, and gave 60% of that additionally over the next two years, we would meet our goal. For example, a family giving $1,000 annually would give an additional $600 over the next two years.

Pastor Beth and campaign co-chairs Bob Neal and Roy Martin are glad to answer questions about this campaign. Call or email the church office to set up an appointment with them.