Our Fulfilling the Dream Capital Campaign, conducted last spring, exceeded it’s $200,000 pledge goal by a few thousand dollars.  To date, about half of that goal has been received by the church.  The first priority of that campaign has been to pay off our debt.  We are excited to report that after several large payments, the principal on our mortgage is now down below $70,000.  Welborne has been in debt it’s entire existence as a congregation, and we can see the end coming!

Another goal of the campaign was some small facility enhancements.  This included improvements to the restrooms in Nave Hall, which have not been thoroughly renovated since construction.  This week the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee approved a “facelift” renovation for the Nave Hall Bathrooms.  Plans for the renovation are in process, with work targeted to be completed this fall.  The renovation will include new sinks, ceilings, floors and paint.