On August 9, 2015, Welborne’s Trustees approved a two-phase development of our Memorial Garden, using existing restricted funds which have been freed up due to the Fulfilling the Dream capital campaign ongoing debt repayment.  The plans call for the creation of a green wall around an expanded garden in the first phase, and the installation of flagstone, arbors, and benches in the second phase.   The Memorial Garden, located on the north side of the sanctuary, is a place where ashes are interred and people come to remember their loved ones.  The vision is for a lush, peaceful space for our community.
Phase one will begin this fall, in prime planting season.  We will be looking for volunteers to help with tilling and amending soil for the green border, planting shrubs, and other tasks.  The work schedule is planned for September.  In Nave Hall across from the church office, there is a bulletin board with plans for the project, as well as a place where you can sign up to help out!
We began this project in earnest on Friday, September 25, when trees were cleared to make room for the project.  Thanks to Sean Pfeiffer for donating his time, and the church volunteers who came in for clean up.