pp-label-logoHow do you approach your life as a disciple?  Are you a pilgrim or a tourist?

Tourists visit places, and admire them.  They take pictures and buy souvenirs.  They won’t ever forget the places they visit.  They see incredible things.  They go home and create memory books and share digital pictures.

Pilgrims go on journeys, wanting to be changed.  They visit places, expecting the places to speak to them, perhaps even change them.  They reflect, ponder, and talk with others about their experiences.  They take some pictures, but know the picture can’t really capture the experience.

In our lives of discipleship, we can just be tourists.  We can observe, admire, and give Jesus an important part in our bookshelves and photo albums.  Or we can be pilgrims–we can journey, we can engage, we can expect continual transformation and growth.
Here at Welborne, we are pretty fond of pilgrims.  But becoming one is tough.  That’s why we are going to spend almost two months this fall exploring what it means to be pilgrim people.  Weekly themes, worship, daily readings and small group reflections have all been designed especially for us at Welborne.  Personal journals will be our guide for this journey, and will be available beginning Sunday, September 18 at JumpStart, for $3.  The entire congregation is encouraged to use the journal to guide our daily reading, and join in weekly reflections, as we explore what it means to be God’s pilgrim people. Existing Sunday morning groups will be a part of this program, as well as special groups on Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.  God is calling us—join the journey!

Join us, starting October 2.  Small groups will be meeting Sunday mornings (existing Sunday School classes, and a new class also being formed), Wednesday evenings at Panera on Ridge at 7:30, and Thursday afternoons at 1 at the church.  Complete the form below and we will contact you about the best small group for you.