The Welborne Wellness Program is new in 2016!

This ministry seeks to shape us as disciples and serve our community through focusing on wellness–within the congregation, in our neighborhood, and globally.

Click here to find our First Annual Welborne Wellness Cookbook, Produced from Our Heart Healthy Potluck in February!
As a society, we often think of health as being one-dimensional: our physical health.  In church, we often discuss our spiritual health, but may not focus on the remaining dimensions of health, including: emotional, social, and financial health.
Whenever we take action to make ourselves healthier, we are able to function more effectively in our various roles in life.  Likewise, by coming together as a church striving to live healthier, we can be a stronger, more vibrant congregation. The healthier we are as a congregation, the better we can serve our community.
Please join us on this journey to make ourselves healthier individuals, a healthier congregation, and a healthier community.  Each month we will highlight a difference health focus.  Click on the topics so far this year to access the handouts for each:
January: Hypertension
February: Cholesterol
March: Allergies
May: Skin Health
June: Lung Health
July: Water
August: Rest and Balance (Wellness Program Takes Vacation)
September: Stress
October: Cognitive Health
November: Diabetes/Blood Sugar
December: Screening Awareness Month