What families are saying about Welborne Christian Preschool…


“Welborne is a loving, welcoming Christian-based preschool. The director, teachers, and staff are amazing and many have tenures of 10-15+ years. Students are nurtured and guided and taught the important life skills of socialization, sharing with neighbors, following directions, and being kind and charitable. For the older children, the Pre-K program sets its students up for success in “big school.” In addition to the wonderful preschool curriculum, the children are given the freedom to PLAY! There are also many opportunities throughout the year for parents to get involved and be present at the school, whether through class parties, Christmas and End of Year programs, or other special events. The Welborne community is friendly, diverse and inclusive. My children adore their teachers and friends and my husband and I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Welborne family. I can’t say enough good things about this program and the people, and I couldn’t have made a better preschool decision for my family… the West End’s best little preschool”! – The Turner Family


“If you’re looking at preschools in the West End of Richmond (and there are plenty!), you need look no further than the Welborne Christian Preschool program. The program there will educate, socialize, and nourish your child’s mind AND their heart. The best part is that they will achieve all of this with love, caring, and a professionalism that suits a wide diversity of kids…from the child prodigy to the child with special needs. It is a wonderful learning environment for cognitive development, music, art, and faith. Our son has developed by leaps and bounds while he’s been at Welborne. It has been a very special place for our child.” – The Wilbourne Family


“We are in our 5th year at Welborne Christian preschool. Our oldest attended for 3 years, our middle child is currently finishing her 3rd year and our youngest attends the mom’s morning out.  After touring three other preschools, I selected Welborne because of the time the preschool director, Shelia Ray, spent getting to know my son on our school tour.  All the teachers are veterans who have been with the preschool for 10 + years.  The play-based curriculum appealed to me as well. That personal attention has been true throughout our five years there. Each teacher has treated my children with a very nurturing approach.  As a family, we’ve been very loved and supported.  My kids love to go to school.  The school was very flexible with meeting the needs of my special needs child and allowing outside observers, speech therapists, and consultants to work with him as needed.  The staff were instrumental in helping us to identify our son’s developmental delays.  I can’t say enough good things about this preschool.  They know kids, they love children as they are, and they love what they do.” – The Brown Family


“Not only do you have the best preschool around with a dedicated staff, you create an atmosphere of nurturing, caring, learning, and plain old fun for all.  Welborne is loaded with lots of love, plenty of playtime, creative projects and entertaining activivities.  From the class parties, to the field trips, to the Thanksgiving Feast, to the amazing Christmas Pageant, to the fun Beach Day, and the absolutely adorable graduation, I really can’t have imagined a better place for our four children to have begun their pre-school years.  The kids (and parents) are kept entertained!!  All this, and of course,  a top notch learning experience and Pre-K program.  I want to thank you for making my children’s experiences so special!” – The Serafim Family


“My son is in his second year at Welborne and we couldn’t be happier. His teachers and the entire staff are so wonderful. Everyone at the school knows his name and engages with him. The social and academic activities have really helped him blossom. Seeing my son smile and hearing his excitement when he talks about his time spent at Welborne is such a joy.” – The Maddox Family


“If we had to describe Welborne Christian Preschool in one word it would be, “loving.” We wanted our son to attend a loving, caring, safe, and Christian preschool that would also prepare him for starting Kindergarten one day.  We found all of these things and more when we were blessed discovering Welborne Christian Preschool! WCP was not the closest to our home, but after visiting there just once, we decided it was the best learning environment for our son.  He learned how to share, socialize, walk in a line, sit in circle time, as well as fundamentals such as numbers, letters, seasons and animals, just to name a few.  He loved getting ready for school knowing it was either Chapel, Jump for Joy, Music or Library day. Our son and entire family truly enjoyed the special events such as the Christmas Pageant, Pumpkin Patch visit, Beach Day, and the end of the year presentation, but really, each day he was there was SPECIAL.  The love the teachers have for the children showed every day. We love the director, all of the teachers and will treasure our memories of his years at this precious Christian preschool!” – The Schiraldi Family


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