Mother’s Morning Out (Parent Co-op)

At Welborne, we offer this unique program that parents work in cooperation with a lead teacher to run the class. This allows us to keep our costs, and as a result, our tuition at a minimum. What an awesome way to share this time with your child and watch as they learn to socialize, and learn with the other children in the classroom. We offer this program for children 16 to 23 months on Monday. Also, on Fridays there is a class available for 2 year olds. We have also just opened a program for 18 mo – 2 1/2 years on Mondays. The class time is 9:00 – 11:45am and there will be no more than six children in each class.  

Preschool Classes

 Two Day, 2 year-old Classes meet either Tues/Thur or Wed/Fri – 8 children: must be 2 by September 30. Children do not need to be potty trained. 

 Two Day, 3 year-old Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday – 12 children.

Three Day, 3 year-old Class meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – 12 children.

Three Day, 4 year-old Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 14 children.

Pre-K, Four-day, 4-5 year-old Class meets Monday through Thursday – 14 children.

Jr. Kindergarten, Four-day, must be 5 years 0ld by Feb 1st 2016.  Class meets Monday through Thursday – 14 children.


Fantastic Fridays meets Fridays.  Offered to 3 Year Old’s and Pre-K.

Click here for info and registration form for Fantastic Fridays.

Additionally, our preschool classes have been designed to develop the types of skills that would be expected of a child by the time they enter kindergarten.


We use September 30th as a birthday guideline, but consider each case individually. Each child must be toilet-trained, unless noted otherwise. Each classroom has a head teacher and an assistant. 


For a tour, call the preschool office at (804) 741-8771 or email us at