Church staff and leaders made the decision to cancel worship at Welborne for Sunday, January 24, in order to ensure safety.  We encourage you to continue to keep Sabbath, in particular by reading scripture, listening to music, and seeing how God is at work in the world.  Help a neighbor shovel their driveway.  Check on people who might need some assistance.  Pray for public servants who are hard at work: nurses, doctors, police, fire, rescue, VDOT and private plowers.  Continue your discipline of generosity by clicking here to go to our donate page and make an on-line donation.

This is a particularly wonderful time to reflect on God’s glory and majesty.  Take a walk and marvel at the joy of children sledding (even take a ride down a hill yourself!).  Sip some hot chocolate and watch the snow fall and think how incredible it is that God created intricate snowflakes.  Share pictures of what you notice about God’s majesty on our Facebook page here, or public Facebook group here.

Here are some online links to scripture, music, and video about God’s majesty.

Watch Tian Tian the panda frolic in the snow at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Read Psalm 8, a beautiful psalm about God’s glory and majesty.

Listen to and sing along with John Rutter’s All Things Bright and Beautiful.