MAIN WEBThe season of Lent is a time when we travel.  We travel a path to the cross.  Lent is often a time when Christians take a good look at their own journey as disciples.  How are we growing?  Where do we need to focus?

Here at Welborne, our Church Council began in January to think about seven different spiritual practices which are important for disciples: Prayers; Spiritual Meditation; Financial Generosity; Personal Witness; Corporate Worship; Small Group Community, and Gifts-Based Service.  We invite you, as we begin this journey, to think about one of those practices where you need to grow as a follower of Christ.  Ask yourself this question: how can I move along the way of following Jesus this Lent, by focusing on being more faithful in this spiritual practice?

You can always reach out to the Welborne staff with questions.  We encourage you to look at this individually, or with a spiritual partner, or as a family.  Additionally, here are some resources which may inspire you.

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