wellnessAs we celebrate the New Year, this is a time when many of us make resolutions to better ourselves.  Quite often, these include goals related to our health.  As a society, we often think of health as being one-dimensional: our physical health.  In church, we often discuss our spiritual health, but may not focus on the remaining dimensions of health, including: emotional, social, and financial health.  In the next year, we would like to unite as the body of Christ to serve our community through starting a wellness ministry.
Whenever we take action to make ourselves healthier, we are able to function more effectively in our various roles in life.  Likewise, by coming together as a church striving to live healthier, we can be a stronger, more vibrant congregation. The healthier we are as a congregation, the better we can serve our community.
Please join us on this journey to make ourselves healthier individuals, a healthier congregation, and a healthier community.  Our first emphasis in January will be on hypertension.