Update 3/3/16:  Thank you for your generous response.  With strong receipts this coming week, we are hopeful that we will be able to repay our $9,000 loan from savings next week (week of March 7).

The Finance Committee would like to make the congregation aware of Welborne’s current 2016 financial status.  Year to date operating receipts (as of 2/24/16) total $35,682.  Expenses for church operations (including utilities, essential ministries, payroll, etc.) through the end of February total $51,648.  This has necessitated that we take $9,000 from unrestricted surplus to meet obligations, in addition to anticipated final February offering receipts.

Welborne’s leaders have been working for some time to address this situation, and some background may be helpful.  For the last decade at least, Welborne’s giving has been very flat (little significant change in pledged and unpledged giving).  In the last seven years, we have lost 49 members to death, largely of a generation which was fairly generous.  Coupled with other membership declines, an income drop has been anticipated.

Additionally, significant steps to reduce expenses were taken beginning about 5 years ago.  Since then, we have reduced $60,000 in annual staffing expenses.  The other major angle leaders have tackled is congregational debt.  Welborne has always carried a mortgage since our first building was constructed at Maybeury and Patterson.  The sale of the parsonage in 2014, and the Capital Campaign launched a year ago have eliminated our debt to ourselves, and reduced our indebtedness from $354,034 as of January 2014 to just under $38,000 today.  That is a reduction in $316,034 in two years, a tremendous accomplishment!  When we are able to pay off our mortgage in full, we will eliminate $1683 in monthly expenses.

Welborne’s Finance Committee is committed to improving transparency in communication with the congregation about our finances.  They are working on long-term financial strategies, a goal that was part of the Strategic Plan adopted in February of 2015.  However, for the time being we still find ourselves in a financial crunch.  We continue to hope that working together we can move forward without additional cuts to operating ministries.

What can you do?

  • First and foremost, pray.  Pray for the wisdom of our leaders.  Pray for us to be faithful to God’s direction and God’s vision overall at Welborne.  We believe that when we are doing this, our financial health will be increased.
  • Second, pray again, this time about your own financial stewardship.  Does your giving truly reflect your gratitude to God for the abundance of your life?  Are you moving toward the Biblical guideline of the tithe, giving 10% of your income?  If the answers to those questions are yes, celebrate!  If they are not, think about ways that you can be a more faithful disciple in the area of financial generosity.  Can you give more back to God on a weekly or monthly basis?
  • Third, be aware of all of the opportunities to give.  Not everyone carries a checkbook or spare cash on Sunday mornings, when you are attending church. You may set up direct debit through Welborne, and we will draft your account.  You may set up your online bill pay to pay Welborne on a regular basis, mailing online payment to 920 Maybeury Drive, Richmond, VA 23229.  You may pay online on the donate page on our website.

Questions or concerns?  Pastor Beth, Carol Chase (Lay Leader), Scott Locklear (Finance Chair), or Bill Davidge (Church Council Chair) would be glad to talk with you.