In late January, Welborne’s Board of Trustees agreed to move forward with offering space for a newly forming Coptic Orthodox Congregation.  The Church Council received and discussed their approval in early February, and agreed to move forward.  The congregation, St. George and St. Philophater Coptic Orthodox Church, is seeking to reach Egyptian immigrants who live in our neighborhood.  Several families in the congregation are part of our food pantry community, and their children attend Maybeury Elementary.  Father Mina Takla is the spiritual leader of the congregation. The Coptic Orthodox Church is governed by the Pope of Alexandria, and has begun ministry in America as Egyptians have fled their home country as refugees.

Welborne will be providing space for the congregation on Saturday mornings and early Sunday mornings.  The use is beginning slowly right now, and should be weekly by late March.  A facility use agreement is being finalized.  We are excited to offer space for these brothers and sisters, and hope to learn from one another in the months ahead.