In September, we have been focused on A Courageous Life.  On October 1, we will celebrate World Communion Sunday.

From October 8 through 29, we will be exploring Defying Gravity.

We all want to be generous, but most of us find this hard to accomplish. Demands on our time and money make scarcity a real problem. Marketing creates a compulsion to buy things that are new or the latest version of the old. Instead of enjoying the freedom to bless others with the best of our lives, we feel trapped. We are held down and held back by forces that seem beyond our control.

But there is good news! Jesus offers us a way to defy gravity and break free from the culture of more. Defying Gravity is a four-week worship emphasis exploring what the Bible says about how to experience a generous life. Here are the topics we’ll be discussing:

Week 1           Discovering Gravity    (Matthew 19:16-26)

Week 2          Breaking Free               (Luke 15:11-32)

Week 3          Tethered to God           (Matthew 6:21)

Week 4          When We Get It Right (Luke 16:10-13)

We will also be offering a small group study on Wednesday evenings October 11 through November 1 which will further explore these themes.  The group will meet at Panera on Ridge from 7:15 until 8:30.  Contact the church office to register and reserve a book.  The cost of the book will be $10.

We will also be sharing family card packs for each family to use at home during this month to discover ways to simplify and de-clutter at home.  Don’t miss getting one on the first Sunday, October 8!


Worship at Welborne is usually at 9 and 11 on Sunday mornings.  We also have a contemplative worship time from 6:30 until 7 pm on Wednesdays, called KindleLight.  Watch this space for changes to that schedule.

Our Sunday 9:00 Service is more casual and contemporary in style.

Our Sunday 11:00 service is more traditional.

You can read recent sermons here.